< Ann Marie Bryant

A recognized and credible member of the DC community with 20+ years of experience in Federal Government Contracting, Ann Marie Bryant has an extensive network of 2,000+ relationships with Civilian Agencies, including DHS, HHS, DOS and NASA, and a Top Secret Security Clearance. Her unique background includes both Fortune 500 and start-up environments, providing a strong backbone for serving as a strategic business leader and catalyst for enhancing your organization’s profitability and market position.

Founder and CEO

< Elly Zupko

Elly has been designing, managing, and writing winning proposals for 15 years. Formally trained in writing, communications, and design, she has been accredited as a Proposal Manager by the Association of Proposal Management Professionals (APMP). She combines time-tested best practices with innovative communication design to create effective business communications that speak directly to your customers' needs --- and win business. 

Sr. Proposal Manager & Contracts Administrator

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Tara Lightner

Tara is a placement industry expert with a passion to help organizations increase revenue, streamline processes, and develop their market credibility and reputation for excellence. Tara has been finding and placing exceptional personnel for over 20 years and is ready to help grow your business.


Julie Dyke >

Julie Dyke (née Basile) provides substantive, trusted advice on all federal contracting situations, business development strategies, and post-award contract administration and management. Through her deep and transformative experience in federal contracting, Julie helps C-suite clients and other private-sector leaders translate federal requirements, navigate the contracting landscape, and build a foundation for continuous improvement through effective business development.

Senior Contracting Advisor


Don Frank

Don Frank is a degreed Meteorologist and Mathematician with experience in architecting unique scientific, engineering, IT, and management solutions in the capture of Federal contracts supporting complex civilian and defense programs. Don’s innovative solutions have been successfully implemented to address unique challenges in numerical weather prediction, satellite development and operations, collaborative weather forecasting, IT operations, and business operations. Don's organizations have experienced increased revenue, decreased overhead for improved profitability, business growth, and an enhanced competitive cost posture. With 25 years' experience navigating the Federal market and a long record leading successful capture teams, Don can strengthen all aspects of your federal capture efforts.

Solutions Architect

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< Dr. Marilyn McPherson-Corder, M.D.

Dr. McPherson-Corder is medical doctor, board-certified by the American Academy of Pediatrics, and rated as one of the top pediatricians in Washington DC by the Washington Post.  She has been an advocate for child and teen health for over 30 years and has been dedicated to serving the community both nationally and in the District of Columbia, with a focus on underserved youth. 

Dr. McPherson-Corder has held Medical Director positions for over 30 years, including at the Adero House in DC and DC’s first school-based clinic housed at Ballou Sr. High School, as well as serving as Deputy of Medical Services for the DC Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services As Medical Director for AIMC, Dr. McPherson-Corder provides strategies and best practices. for the implementation of large-scale community health programs.

Medical Director

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< Colleen Whitmore

Colleen Whitmore brings over 30 years of experience in the healthcare field, including serving as a nurse practitioner managing and providing primary care to patients in a Community Health Center and School-Based Health Center, as Bureau Chief of the Child Adolescent and School Health (CASH) Bureau within the DC Department of Health Community Health Administration, and as the District of Columbia representative for the National Network of State Adolescent Health Coordinators, accountable for the overall policy and program development, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of all youth programs for the Administration.

As Director of Nursing for AIMC, Ms. Whitmore continues her service as an expert in school health to advance the goal of providing much-needed services to underserved populations.

Director of Nursing

Alton Bell

Alton Bell III has over 30 years of Information Technology experience in the areas of application development, networking, virtual machines, communications, and technical staff management.  As vice president of technical services at Syscom Services, Alton managed and directed technical support, installations, and training activities as well as web hosting facilities management and overall budget and planning.  As a team leader, he possesses strong analytical and interpersonal qualities.  Alton has managed and or implemented hundreds of network related applications for clients all over the country over the past 25 plus years.  He is always highly focused on achieving the highest customer satisfaction for every implementation.

Technology Manager

McDuffie >

For over 25 years, Anthony McDuffie has provided corporate oversight, direct supervision, marketing, sales, capture management, proposal development, public relations, project management, contract management, recruiting, financial management, and quality management services. Mr. McDuffie leads and support Business Development Directors on the use of innovative and winning techniques to initiate and maintain contact with marketplace trends to align business portfolios. For AIMC customers, Mr. McDuffie’s services include managing entire business development cycles for delivery, customization of business solutions for government and commercial agencies, and managing teams of sales professionals responsible for significant sales achievements.

Customer Relationship Manager

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