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AIMC personnel have been supporting FEMA since 2007, including FEMA HQ, the Center for Domestic Preparedness (CDP), and the National Training and Education Division. At the CDP, we provide a wide array of training support to assist CDP in preparing and training emergency medical response providers. In addition to the administrative, transportation, and quality control support services we provide, our staff recruits and registers students for training, arranges travel, performs admissions support, and serves as the initial collection point for all training statistics and student records generation. Other training services include coordinating training classes; scheduling training facilities; managing classroom logistics; and maintaining and archiving training records.

AIMC personnel have been supporting NASA since 2004 in a wide array of areas, from organizational development training, to operational support services. At NASA HQ, one of the highest-visibility federal buildings in Washington DC, we provided management of the library and information center, audiovisual/electronic presentation support, mail center operations and courier services, executive driver services, and facilities support including custodial and electrical .

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